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Omron's B3F series of tactile switches includes 6x6 mm and 12x12 mm square models in surface mount and through-hole form. All have positive click action and variations include horizontal and vertical, flat and projected types as well as versions with a high operating force and a long life version designed for 10,000,000 operations. .

For space challenged applications Omron's B3U switches are the industries smallest tactile switches, in both top and side actuating configurations and offer a sealed construction to ensure high reliability in dust laden environments.

Omron also offer dome arrays featuring a dustproof construction that attach directly to a pcb to eliminate soldering. Singular domes are also available.



Surface Mount 3x2.5mm
Surface Mount 6x6mm
Standard 6x6mm
Standard 12x12mm
Tactile Switch Accessory
Illuminated 10x10mm
Hinged 12x18mm
Surface Mount 12x12mm